Kids Google Search

Kids Google Search

Google is one of the most popular search engines worldwide and has over 400 million queries per day. What's alarming is many kids are using Google without any filtering protection and can easily stumble across adult websites, videos and images. Luckily, there is a feature within Google called Safe Search and it will block adult websites from your search results.

How do I enable Safe Search?

Simple - When you perform a search in Google, there is an option to turn it on and off at the top of the results page. This is good, but how do we keep it turned on for our kids? There are specialized websites that enable Google Safe Search by default. This means any search you perform through their website will lock Safe Search on and it cannot be turned off. In addition, some websites will utilize their own database of adult keywords, phrases and URL's. With the extra protection of a database your search results will be filtered better than with just Safe Search alone.

With all the different types of Google Search engines around, it's hard to choose the right one for your children. There are many Kids Search engines that will filter adult websites from their results. A problem we found with a lot of the search engine's is they are either too strict and don't show many results, or the filter is not strict enough.

We recommend the following top 5 Kids Google Search websites. A tip is to set one of the below websites as your children's homepage and remove the address bar at the top of your browser. This would mean the only way to get to a website is to search for it using the following search engines.

All websites listed below use SafeSearch™ technology and maintain their own filter database for added protection.

Google Kid
Kids Search

A kid-themed website for younger children. It automatically changes background depending on the time of day. During the day the kids are at the beach and at night the kids go to bed. Sometimes the kids may even talk to you!

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Kids Search Engine
Safe Find

Safe Find, was one of the first Child Safe Search engine's on the internet. Because it was created back in 2007, it has experience over the other search engines. One of it's main advantages is it can filter Google Image results. It also has options to search from your own Country - something the other websites do not currently offer.

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Google SafeSearch
Small Guardians

This website has cute animals which change every time you refresh the page. They watch over your Google Searching to make sure no inappropriate results are displayed. If a website does get through it's filter, they encourage you to email them the website address so it can be manually blocked.

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SafeSearch for Kids
Kid Search

One of the more recent websites to add database filtering is Kid Search. They state that third party adult website blocking software can not guarantee 100% filtration and their Google search filtering offers added protection.

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Google Search for Kids
Kid Search Create

This is the same website as above, but with customization options. It lets you create your own custom homepage by editing the Website title, name, image and links. The 'create your own' feature is very popular among school classrooms.

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Custom Safe Search
Kids Google